Welcoming the newest member of our team – Conor Cronin👋!

Conor is a Chartered Physiotherapist with experience in Strength & Conditioning and Injury Rehabilitation. Having qualified from the University of East London with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy in 2013, Conor has worked as Chartered Physiotherapist since. We believe Conors background and experience in Sports Injuries and Occupational Health will bring a new dynamic to the team here at Smart Physiotherapy, allowing us to expand our offering and enhance our client experience.

At Smart Physiotherapy, we believe in identifying not only the issue but also the contributing factors surrounding your injury. Through his work in the NHS, Conor has vast experience in the rehabilitation of patients with traumatic injuries and post-surgery patients. This experience has enabled him to look at patients holistically and understand there could be multi-factorial reasons to why a patient’s injury has occurred, identifying barriers to recovery and the solutions to these challenges.

As a Physiotherapist being involved in Sport, Conors has gained a broad understanding of how Athletes are prone to reaggravation of injury if they are under exerting or overexerting their injured joint during rehabilitation programme. Conors Strength & Conditioning experience will be instrumental in guiding our patients through their rehabilitation process, ensuring the best possible recovery for you.

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