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Your pathway to better movement starts at Smart Physiotherapy.

We are a team of clinical experts with over 15 years experience as a physiotherapists both in the NHS and in private practice. At Smart Physiotherapy, you’ll be in safe hands at our Belfast Physiotherapy Clinic. Our team also have experience working in sports injury clinics, with various sports teams and are specialists in manual therapy.

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We combine a detailed history and assessment to obtain a diagnosis. An extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics enables us to diagnose and treat not only your symptoms, but also the underlying causes of your problem, improving the speed and effectiveness of your recovery.

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A sports massage not only relieves tension and anxiety, but incorporates a deep tissue massage with soft tissue manipulation. This works deep into the muscles to support healthy muscle growth, improve mobility, ease pain and tension and reduce the risk of injury.


“Smart Physiotherapy Carryduff is different to other clinics, in that we combine assessment and diagnosis with hands-on treatment. We focus on addressing the underlying cause of the injury or dysfunction, rather than simply treating the symptoms”.

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Services Available

  • Carryduff Pilates Class
  • Headache Physiotherapy
  • Pregnancy Physiotherapy pre/post natal
  • Women’s Health Assessments
  • Whiplash Injury Treatment
  • Pre & post Surgery Physiotherapy
  • Chronic Pain Physiotherapy
  • Sports Injury Assessment
  • Prehab Injury Prevention
  • Business Physiotherapy
  • Workstation Ergonomics
  • Orthotic Fitting Appointments